How Much Time Should You Spend Training Your Horse

Each horse is different and the amount of time to spend on training depends on the age of the horse, the physical condition, where the horse is at in his training and his personality. By personality I mean his emotional level. Is the horse flighty or calm, willful or compliant? These factors determine how quickly the horse can learn.



The Simple Bit

Believe me, bits are simple. There are only two kinds. (There are plenty of variations.) Neither kind of bit can work miracles. Both kinds can be used to inflict pain. At the same time many advertisements state their bit will never cause the horse any discomfort, and will solve training problems. Impossible! Ask most horsemen and you’ll be surprised to discover few know much about bits. Few can give an accurate definition of either kind. Worst of all, few know how the bit they are using actually works.

Shows and Results


The Magnificent Met Mounted Police Return To Olympia, The London International Horse Show

Adding to this year’s stellar line-up of entertainment, the Mounted Branch of the Metropolitan Police will be returning with their breath-taking Activity Ride, a phenomenal demonstration of skill and bravery as they negotiate hazards, portraying complete trust between horse and Officer. Expect horses jumping through a solid paper wall, fire, and many more edge-of-the-seat moments as the horses boldly illustrate their nerves of steel, in perfect formation.

Here is some of the latest equine news!

Eventing Nation Red on right, white on left, insanity in the middle