Choosing the Right Equine ‘Dance Partner’

You and your partner touch. With almost imperceptible signals you dance together. Your steps are light, your turns graceful and balanced. There is trust between you as you confidently master more difficult maneuvers. You move as one with your horse in beauty, in the partnership called "riding". You may be a trail rider or barrel racer, ride hunt seat or Western Dressage or Western. Whatever your passion, there's no greater reward than learning how to dance, in partnership with your horse.



The summer season of trail riding is now in full swing

The summer season of trail riding is now in full swing.  With most schools closed for the summer, people are looking for places to ride their horses.   We have a special event that you, your family and friends might enjoy with their horses.  Even if you do not have a horse, but have some experience riding, we can supply horses.  Over the years, I have always enjoyed combining horse vacations with historical locations.

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The Magnificent Met Mounted Police Return To Olympia, The London International Horse Show

Adding to this year’s stellar line-up of entertainment, the Mounted Branch of the Metropolitan Police will be returning with their breath-taking Activity Ride, a phenomenal demonstration of skill and bravery as they negotiate hazards, portraying complete trust between horse and Officer. Expect horses jumping through a solid paper wall, fire, and many more edge-of-the-seat moments as the horses boldly illustrate their nerves of steel, in perfect formation.

Here is some of the latest equine news!

Eventing Nation Red on right, white on left, insanity in the middle