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Horseback Poker Run – A Fun Day Of Riding

As we mentioned back in June, in our article on ‘The Summer Season of Trail Riding is Now in Full Swing’, those who enjoy time on horseback have been out and active. While there’s much to be said for simply getting out on the trail however, this is also an excellent time for those who own and share horses to organize other activities. And one idea that’s come to our attention of late is that of a horseback poker run.

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Irish officials deny knowledge of Racing Panorama investigation

Irish Government officials have come out to deny they were aware “thousands” of horses, formerly trained in Ireland, were allegedly being sent for slaughter at abattoirs.

As per a BBC Panorama program, it was reported that most of the 4,000 horses slaughtered in British abattoirs had been moved from Ireland, with some covering over 350 miles by road with severe injuries.

It is highly illegal under Irish law, as well as European law to transport a horse in a manner that could possibly “cause it injury or undue suffering”.

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Best horse racing jockeys in the UK

For a horse racing enthusiast, no event can be bigger than the Grand National, the most valuable jump race in Europe. Whenever this prestigious race gets close, bookmakers start offering lucrative odds while punters try to find all betting offers for Grand National 2021 as their preparations for the event.

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