Balance Rider For General Physical Fitness ~ Part One

We are often asked if the Balance Rider is only for equestrians, or if it has value for people who don’t ride horses. So we’re going to take a little side trip before going on with our explanations/definitions of balance, core strength and proprioception.

Essential facts: Good balance, core strength and proprioception are the basis for healthy/successful performance in any physical activity, from walking to pole-vaulting, from rowing a boat to swimming the English Channel.

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Birth Of The Balance Rider Part 2

Before summer arrived, in that year when my anticipation of it was marred by fear, Jim presented me with a gift that soon found its way to the top of my best-ever list. Unbeknownst to me, shortly after the Sunday of my sadness, the creative genius I love began inventing.
First, he dug out a saddle stand that we weren’t using, separated the top from the legs, and hid away the lower half so that I wouldn’t run across it and get curious.

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