The summer season of trail riding is now in full swing

The summer season of trail riding is now in full swing.  With most schools closed for the summer, people are looking for places to ride their horses.   We have a special event that you, your family and friends might enjoy with their horses.  Even if you do not have a horse, but have some experience riding, we can supply horses. 
Over the years, I have always enjoyed combining horse vacations with historical locations.

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Secret to a Lifetime of Safe Trail Rides

As we begin the new riding season, I want to make a few suggestions about medical emergencies for both horses and for people.  I am 100% sure there will be a few e-mails with suggestions or criticisms, but this is an important subject where we can all contribute through experience. Later in this article, I have serious advice for every trail rider, regardless of age or experience.

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A New Experience:  Cattle Drives in the East!

Winter is finally over.   All of us have been waiting for the weather to break so we can travel to new places with our horses.  Just as we think Spring is here, we have a new problem which will affect more people than Covid. The economy has taken a dive.  Fuel prices have skyrocketed.  Food prices (including shortages) are hitting new highs.  Farmers are slapped with unprecedented fertilizer bills, which will hurt you soon on hay and grain costs.  That trip you were planning with your horse and friends out west has all but evaporated.

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Do Not “Un-Winterize” Just Yet

When I was growing up on our dairy farm in Virginia, Dad would remind us that every February, there was always a week or so of very mild weather. Everyone would be tempted to feel that spring was arriving. However, the worst snowstorms we ever had was the beginning of March. Last year, during early March, I was convinced sub- freezing weather was over and turned the horse stall waterers back on and unwinterized our trailer for an upcoming trip.

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Don’t neglect your horse during the holidays

All of us are busy during the month of December, especially in preparation for Christmas, New Years and family visits. Because of this, we may unintentionally neglect our horses. It is easy to neglect our horses quite by accident.  Most of the care we give all year can be offset by the new cold weather.  Here is why:  Many of our horses are pastured all year but when winter and the cold arrives, we begin feeding hay.  The hay seemed great when we put it in the barn but a leaky roof or being baled with a high degree of moisture. During the late summer and fall, mold can form that you can not see.   All of us seem to look at the price of hay instead of the quality.

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Is Your Horse Worth his Salt?

The ancient Greeks traded salt for slaves – hence the saying “worth his salt”.
Early Roman soldiers were partially paid in salt (salarium argentum, which is where the word “salary” originated).
A severe salt deficiency can cause your horse to die.
Napoleon had thousands of soldiers die during his retreat from Moscow when wounds would not heal due to a “salt deficiency”.

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In this day and age of “instant” everything, it’s hard to do, especially when you’re training a young horse, or even an older horse for that matter.

It’s easy to get excited; everything is now or soon. There are show classes for weanlings, yearlings, two-year-old futurities and derbies for three-year-olds. And time flies when you are having fun.

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What Bedding to Use?

Water, water everywhere…and not a drop to drink!

An average 1,000-pound horse produces about 2 ½ gallons of urine a day.

So, how do you keep stalls dry?

A stall that drains properly is the first step.

Constructing a good base will allow the urine to drain. Poor drainage means the bedding must absorb all the moisture.

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