What’s Up, Doc?

Just like Bugs Bunny, many horses love carrots. Luckily carrots are very nutritious and make a great treat.

The one thing carrots are famous for is improving sight. This theory got started during World War II. Britain’s Royal Air Force pilots supposedly ate large amounts of carrots. It was said this diet allowed them to see German bombers.

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Wash Rack Nightmares

Some horses are afraid or nervous when you try to bathe them. This can be very frustrating and has the potential to be dangerous for you and your horse. This month, we will discuss how to get your horse accustomed to bathing and water on his body and how you can adapt your training philosophy to make the entire process relaxed and safe for both of you.

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Preparing Your Horse For The Farrier

In this month’s article, we will cover how to prepare your horse for the farrier. This is not focused on fixing a horse that has problems with having his feet handled, we are just going to cover some exercises that will make your horse easy and pleasant to shoe. I firmly believe that it is your job, and your responsibility as a horse owner, to have your horse trained to stand quietly and politely while his feet are being trimmed and shod. Your farrier should not have to train your horse.

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Promising Prospects

When you are looking at young prospects for your next horse, it’s important that you start with some key things. If you get the right characteristics and the right personality from the start, then you can save yourself lots of wasted training and time on a horse that’s simply not cut out for what you want to do.

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