Author: Tom Seay

Getting Ready to Travel

It has been a tough winter, but it is time to set our sights on the new riding season. The cabin fever approaching now can be worse than the flu season!

In preparation for travel and focusing on your horse trailer, it might be to early to un-winterize the trailer, but here are a few things you really need to do now.

I spent a good amount of time talking to the Federal folks and our state Motor Vehicle folks about new laws and regulations on horse trailers for traveling. 

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The Best Of America By Horseback

As we enjoy this Christmas season with our friends and family, it is the most appropriate time to announce our annual Awards to people in the horse world and beyond that have made contributions in various ways to improve our lives. These are people that do not seek the limelight but who work quietly with dedication to make life a little bit better for people around them and especially to future generations. These people are heroes. Their recognition is for peace and wellbeing of others.  These are the kind of people, when announced, draw the thoughts of, “yes, of course, this...

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Join A Historic Adventure Ride!

Consider taking your horseback riding to a new level by joining a historic ride and being on national television with you and your horse. America’s first noted trail ride was in early Colonial days of 1716. I want you to consider joining me on the re-tracing of that historic ride this August in Virginia as we film the ride and recount the history. It was called “The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe” ride. It has been celebrated in literature, in history and re-tracing rides since then. Our ride will include Officials from the State of Virginia, the British, our...

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