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Correcting a Lead Change Problem

Some riders tell me they have a problem when a course they are riding requires a roll back and a lead change. Some horses pick up the lead change in front but not in back. This is a problem that can pop up in any discipline and the cause is one of three things. The first is simply that the rider is not clearly communicating the desired action and is the cue is confusing the horse.

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What’s Up, Doc?

Just like Bugs Bunny, many horses love carrots. Luckily carrots are very nutritious and make a great treat.

The one thing carrots are famous for is improving sight. This theory got started during World War II. Britain’s Royal Air Force pilots supposedly ate large amounts of carrots. It was said this diet allowed them to see German bombers.

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Trouble-Free Trailer Unloading

Trouble-free trailer “unloading” is really quite easy… just reverse the steps used to teach your horse to load. Let’s start with your horse already loaded in the trailer, ideally with another experienced horse to give him confidence. If you followed my recommendations, his loading experience was a good one.

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Feel and Timing

One of the current topics of discussion and an important part of horsemanship is timing and feel. For me it is more correct to say feel and timing. You must feel what the horse is doing and then act promptly. Let’s look at what these aspects are and why they are important?

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“Whoa” is the first verbal command a foal hears, and will be repeated many times over the course of its lifetime. How well the horse responds to “whoa” depends on training and consistent reinforcement.

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A Horse, Of Course

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that out of every 1,000 horses, 999 are smarter than the person riding them.

    We give the horse credit for having the mentality of a three-year-old child.  We don’t give them enough credit for being “consistent and reasonable”.

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More on Western Dressage

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion in the media about western or cowboy dressage. I have also seen comments on Face book regarding making it a discipline. According to one Western Dressage website, “Western Dressage is not just another class to enter, not just another skill to learn.

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