Author: Kathleen McFarren

Rattle Snakes – What If You Are Bit?

What do you do if you encounter a rattlesnake? What if you’re bit? I asked Judith A. Alsop of Poison Control these questions and more.
Q: What type of toxic substance does a rattlesnake emit when it bites, and how does this poison affect a person physically and mentally? Rattlesnake venom is a complex combination of substances used by rattlesnakes to capture prey

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A Natural-Born Trainer

It is said that in any business the most important step, and possibly the hardest, is getting your foot in the door. I consider myself blessed to be “born with my foot in the door.”Being the daughter of Richard Winters, a successful trainer and clinician, has given me many different opportunities throughout the last 19 years that I would otherwise not have had, or even dreamed of experiencing.

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Trail Trials – A Family-Friendly, Easy-Going Event

Wouldn’t it be great to forget about those uncomfortable show clothes, use your everyday working tack, and ride with your whole family and several good friends in a relaxed setting with a friendly element of competition? You can do all this when you participate in Trail Trials, one of the fastest growing riding events today.

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