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Training On The Trail: The Spooky Horse

We are continuing our series on “training outside the box.”  To review, we have discussed important steps to prepare for training on the trail, including reading the horse to recognize his inner energy level and working with him to release it, preparing the rider through warm up and stretching exercises, and building safety and confidence on the trail. 

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The Skills Needed For Trail Riding

A horse that goes out on the trail should be one of the most well-trained horses because the horse is out in the open. Deer may pop up, even small animals scurrying through the brush may be disconcerting. Then you have walkers and bicyclists who may appear quickly and may or may not be courteous fellow travelers. I believe a good trail horse should be a horse that works well in the arena and a horse that is worked in the arena should also be a good trail horse.

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Mastering Extreme Trail: Trust And Instinct

When watching a well trained trail horse pick its way through difficult obstacles it might look easy. The horse seems bold and confident, as though there’s almost no effort on the rider’s part. We all want that perfect horse in order to achieve that perfect ride, whether on the trail or in the show ring. While great horses and riders make it look effortless, arriving at perfection is far from easy.

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Ride And Tying Through The Redwoods: A Personal Account Of The 2009 World Championship

It was the day of the Ride and Tie Championships in Humboldt County. I woke up to the sound of hoof beats on the road outside my tent. I was worried I had slept too late, but the clock only read 5:45 a.m. The night before, there had been lots of wind and some rain. Between my waking up from the noise of the storm and dreaming the tent was going to blow away, I hadn’t gotten much sleep.

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What Is The American Competitive Trail Horse Association?

Our organization is called the American Competitive Trail Horse Association, or ACTHA. Our purpose is to give recognition to the American Trail Horse. Our motto is “Not Just a Trail Horse anymore.” We think this is a great sport where families and friends can get together and learn to demonstrate their horse’s abilities and have fun.

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