Tag: Building a Partnership with Your Horse

Tips for Trouble-free Trailer Loading

Trailering is a big step. Not only are we dealing with loading our horse into a trailer, we will be driving and maneuvering a large vehicle (like a truck or SUV) and towing our precious cargo behind. Once trailering is mastered, it opens up many new opportunities for fun with our horses.

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Aids Communication: Correcting Falling Out

The goal for both the bending and turning aids is to control the horse’s body position and his balance. We will use a circle pattern to demonstrate how to correct one of two common problems that occur when trying to keep a horse straight through a turn. This week we will cover the problem called falling out.

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Trouble-Free Trailer Unloading

Trouble-free trailer “unloading” is really quite easy… just reverse the steps used to teach your horse to load. Let’s start with your horse already loaded in the trailer, ideally with another experienced horse to give him confidence. If you followed my recommendations, his loading experience was a good one.

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Training Outside The Box, Part 11

It is now time to apply all the great trail training we have covered in the previous articles and do a fun activity with your horse – a picnic trail ride. If it is not picnic weather in your part of the country right now, you can use the information in this article later, when it is.

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Training Outside The Box, Part 9

Since we’ve recently covered how to handle a potential spook from the ground, let’s consider ways to handle the same situation while mounted.

Stop before getting to the potentially spooky object and allow the horse his head so he can see it with both eyes. Once he seems to accept it, take a few steps towards it, stop, and let him look again.

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Training Outside The Box, Part 8

In this article, I will continue with possible trail training problems by discussing the issue of the “spooky” horse. A lot of the information given in the first four parts of this series on how to prepare your horse for his first trail ride is applicable in dealing with a spooky horse and you should go back and review that information.

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Training Outside The Box, Part 7

In the last article, I discussed ways to handle the horse who always wants to be “the leader of the pack” Another common trail training problem is presented by the horse who wants to run up from behind to catch up to the horse(s) in front of him. This is an unsettling problem for riders of any level, and I have experienced it myself. It is important to learn how to avoid this problem and understand what to do if it happens.

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