Trainer Jaime Amian

Trainer Jaime Amian

Wellington, FL (October 6, 2015)— As he continues to partner with top equestrian

product companies to help further his success as an international Grand Prix

dressage rider and trainer, Jaime Amian just signed on to join the Legends feed

team with Southern States. Amian, who has trained and competed in dressage

all over the world, is thrilled to be partnered with Southern States at his new

home at the elite International Dressage Academy (IDA Farm) in Wellington,

Florida. “I am more than proud to represent the Legends feed team with

Southern States,” Amian said. “I have definitely noticed a difference in my

horse’s coats and their attitudes since using Legends feeds. Their coats are

much more shiny and they just seem happy and eager to work.”


One of the key benefits of Legends horse feeds is the brand’s technologically

advanced, fixed-ingredient formulas which create appetizing tastes, safe

consumption, and excellent performance due to a consistent starch and sugar

content. In addition, Legends feeds are based on comprehensive current

research in equine nutrition thanks to Southern States’ 60-year membership in

the international animal nutrition research group Cooperative Research Farms.

In Southern States’ quest to redefine what horse feed should be, the company

partnered Legends with Kentucky Equine Research (KER), which provides

vitamin and trace mineral premixes for use in all Legends horse feeds. KER is

known for basing its formulas on ongoing research trials that happen at KER’s

Kentucky farm.


Craig Bernstein, Feed Specialist for Southern States, is thrilled that Amian has

chosen to provide Legends superior horse feeds and supplements to his world-

class stable of dressage horses. The company has provided feeding

recommendations for individual horses under Amian’s care to maximize their

ability and performance level. “We are please to have Jaime on our team

because of his winning record, ability, and his commitment to providing his

horses a good nutritional program,” said Bernstein. “This will enhance his ability

to achieve his goals, and that will increase the recognition of our Legends horse

feeds to fellow horse trainers, students, and competitors in dressage and other

disciplines. We are hoping he becomes one of our greatest assets in the

dressage world.”


Amian has now integrated several Legends feeds into his horses’ diets.

Legends’ GastroTech Supplement and CarbCare Balancer Pellet have become

two of his favorites.


Legends GastroTech Supplement is a pelleted nutritional supplement that helps

neutralize acidity on the stomach lining, which then reduces the damage caused

by hydrochloric acid. This damage often takes the form of gastric ulcers.

GastroTech Supplement aids in creating an environment where the adverse

effects of ulcers can be improved, thus reducing pain and other related

symptoms. In addition, active horses on GastoTech Supplement for six months

or more have not had a recurrence of gastric ulcer symptoms. This proprietary

blend of ingredients is formulated to help the digestive tract to function normally

and to improve the health of performance horses. Since these horses are often

under stress from training, competing, and traveling, GastroTech Supplement

makes a great additive to the horse’s diet.


Legends CarbCare Balancer Pellet is a premium pellet with a low starch, low

sugar formulation that helps with easy keepers, ponies, and Miniature horses.

This low-carbohydrate formulation provides a higher nutrient concentration and

helps meet the needs of horses that may be prone to insulin resistance and



As the 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington approaches,

USDF Gold Medalist Jaime Amian’s horses will be sure to be in their best form

with the addition of Legends feeds and supplements to their diets.

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Amian, including his philosophy and international show results, visit Also, visit to see photos of the

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