Category: Trick Training

The Obeisance

The Obeisance, or Circus Bow, is an extreme pose with extreme benefits to the horse, both psychological and physical. (o bay sans) The stretching required helps to build strength and flexibility in the legs and shoulders and involves virtually every muscle in a horse’s body from nose to tail. This is evident in the rounded curves of the top line during the exercise.

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Lets Play Ball!

The goal of Trick Training is to create a thinking horse that will be first and foremost an astute companion and pleasure mount and perhaps, ultimately, a performance horse. Ideally, a young horse can be started with challenges that are age appropriate and, just as in children, condition the individual into the habit of learning.

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Using Treats As A Training Tool

With over $39 billion spent annually in pet products in the US, it is a pretty safe bet that most horse owners are also dog owners. Good manners are essential for the family dog and proper training to mold a family dog into a trusted companion is big business. Television programs such as The Dog Whisperer and It’s Me or the Dog offer animal lovers practical guidance as well as entertainment value.

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How And Why Of Pedestal Training

The goal of Trick Horse Training is to create a companion horse that is willing, compliant, intelligent, and has “learned how to learn”. There is one other important element that goes beyond even compliance and that is obedience. In this age of new, natural and gentler horsemanship obedience is not talked about much.

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