Stepping Into North Dakota

Stepping Into North Dakota

Horseback riders from 41 states and 7 countries entered North Dakota this morning (their final state) on a two thousand mile every-step-of-the-way journey from Mexico to Canada.

Led by Outdoorsman and Outfitter, Tom Seay of Culpeper, Virginia, the group left from Mexico on April the 21, 2009 and will arrive in Saskatchewan, Canada on September the 5, 2009.

Seay was quoted as saying, “Many of the riders were inexperienced and rode horses ranging from every breed and price range. The riders come from every age group and every part of America. They have shown their heart and willingness to adapt to virtually any condition. Many skeptics predicted they would not last two weeks riding the deserts and vast plains. The ride has been virtually flawless with nearly all riders that began the trip making it safely thus far.” Seay went on to say, “I am incredibly proud to guide and lead this group as their Trail Master and if I continue the ride next year to the Yukon or beyond I would want every single one of them with me!”

The ride traversed America following the Rio Grande River through the White Sands Desert including the famous “Journey of Death Trail,” following the historic cattle drive trails, the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Pony Express Trail and will cross parts of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Mark Laney, CEO of Best of America by Horseback says: “Our little “traveling town” has developed into one big family, and the diverse backgrounds and personalities have blended together, subsumed by the common thread of everyone’s love of horses and trail riding, on this monumental four and a half month, over 2,000 mile trail riding adventure.”

The Best of America by Horseback group was assisted by nationally known cowboy singer, Del Shields of Humbolt, Kansas. He rode “Naked” across America (that is the name of his horse!). He entertained by the campfire as well at large community group events throughout the adventure. Shields who just released his fourth album has been a fixture on Best of America by Horseback television show for five years which is seen across the nation weekly.

The ride and riders have been welcomed by dozens of communities including opening three rodeos, six parades and greeted by dignitaries including mayors, governors and the Lieutenant Governor Dennis Daugaard. The riders themselves have been recognized by over thirty governors of various states. The entire trip is being filmed for a new television series, which will be in high definition.

An article in the Las Cruces, NM travel magazine was quoted as saying, “This may well be the last great trail ride of our lifetime!” Seay was quoted as saying, “I’m not sure about that, as our last ride was a 3,311 mile ride from the Atlantic to the Pacific, which was equally successful. I think there is a lot more of America still to be explored and seen by horseback. you have to remember this is America where we don’t have border guards, checkpoints to cross state lines, or any infringement on our freedom to travel by government permit.”

The Mexico to Canada Trail Ride route chosen is one hundred percent on private range land, deeded property, state and city parks by invitation or rural county owned dirt roads.