Tom Seay in partadeWhen we are not traveling, we are home on the farm.  Our family has farmed here in Virginia since the early 1700’s, so we sometimes take it for granted as this is our way of life.

One of the things we do here is have team penning practice every Friday night.  (For those that are unfamiliar with this, it is a horse event with its origins are from the cowboy days on the plains. Since corrals were not close to where herds were grazed ‘free range’ or in the open spaces. When a cow or calf needed treatment or to be tagged, cowboys would set up a small pen with an open end. Three riders would herd the cow or calf in the pen and shut the gate.

These days we do the same thing but in an arena. While many events are highly competitive and riders are pressed for speed, we just do practices and let riders of all levels and ages enjoy the sport. The cattle are never touched and often outsmart the riders!

Recently, we had a team penning clinic. Afterwards, we asked those that participated what they enjoyed most. We thought it might be the full country meals or the southern hospitality. To our surprise, the comments were mostly how the riders enjoyed the cattle drive when we gathered the cattle. We have always taken this for granted as just part of the daily farm work. We did not realize how much people enjoyed doing something new with their horses, especially driving cattle like cattleman have done for years. So, we set up several cattle drives with an overwhelming response. We found ourselves enjoying it and were so pleased to see the excitement of everyone involved.

This coming year, we will do a series of cattle drives. Trust me, there is no difference in working cattle now or in the old days. The horses seem to love it.  We really put on the country meals, and make everyone feel at home here with us. We do not charge for the hook ups or the stalls and just make it a package weekend.

If you want to increase the bond with your horse, find a new level of excitement and learn a new skill, consider coming home with us in Virginia and learn cattle driving and/or team penning. No experience is necessary. You do not have to hire a clinician or trainer. We just take care of you from the moment you arrive. Do not worry about riding skill levels or if your horse would like this.  In fact, the folks that do best are the ones that can’t believe they can do this. In all the years we have been doing this, I do not remember anyone that was not ecstatic about the pleasure of being on the farm and working cattle with their horse.

Consider joining us for a weekend and let us show you the hospitality you deserve. My home is open to you. Call our office at 540-829-9555 and talk to Lisa.

Upcoming Locations
Nov 1-8: Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Nov 13-15: Special Event at R.O. Ranch in Mayo, FL
Nov 20-22: Cross FL Greenways in Ocala, FL
Jan 22-24: Horse World Expo in Timonium, MD
Mar 4-6: Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center in Killeen, TX
Apr 1-3: VA Horse Festival in Doswell, VA
Apr 10-14: Double R Ranch in Pearce, AZ
May 13-15: Gathering at the Farm in Culpeper, VA
Sept 16-18: Jesse James Festival Trail Ride in Clay County, MO

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Oct 22: Chincoteague Ponies – NEW!
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Nov 5: Circle Z Ranch, AZ
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Nov 19: Reed Valley Ranch, CA
Nov 26: Anita Alta, NC

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