Pony ClubAt this year’s Rolex Three-Day Event,  TheUnited States Pony Clubs had many top-level riders compete and finish in the ribbons. Out of a total of 72 entries, 40 horse and rider pairs completed the event. USPC is proud to announce that 75% of those pairs that completed the event are Pony Club Alumni from all over the world. The highest placing Pony Club Alumni was Tim Price, who placed second, representing the New Zealand Pony Clubs. Phillip Dutton placed in fifth as the highest scoring U.S. rider, representing The Pony Club Association of New South Wales. USPC is very proud of all alumni that competed this year, and wish them the best of luck in future events.

The final results stand as follows:


Placing Rider/Horse Certification and Pony Club
1st Michael Jung


2nd Tim Price (NZL) riding WESKO Oxford Pony Club
3rd Michael Jung


4th William Fox-Pitt (GBR) riding BAY MY HERO B, West Street Branch Pony Club
5th Phillip Dutton (USA) riding CUBALAWN A, Nyngan Pony Club, New South Wales
6th William Coleman (USA) riding OBOS O’REILLY
7th Boyd Martin (USA) riding MASTER FRISKY A, Forest Hills Pony Club, New South Wales
8th Nicola Wilson (GRB) riding ANNIE CLOVER Hurworth Pony Club
9th Phillip Dutton (USA) riding FUGITIVE A, Nyngan Pony Club, New South Wales
10th William Levett (AUS) riding IMPROVISE Quirindi Pony Club
11th Colleen Rutledge (USA) riding COVERT RIGHTS A, Frederick Pony Club
12th Lynn Symansky (USA) riding DONNER A, Difficult Run Pony Club
13th Bruce “Buck” Davidson,


UR, Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds Pony Club
14th Colleen Rutledge (USA) riding SHIRAZ A, Frederick Pony


15th James Alliston (GBR) riding PARKER B, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire
16th Austin O’Connor (IRL) riding BALHAM HOUDINI Dunhallow Pony Club
17th Elisa Wallace (USA) riding PRICELESS
18th Tim Bourke (IRL) riding Clew Bay Pony Club
19th Sara Kozumplik Murphy (USA) riding FLY ME COURAGEOUS A, Dominion Valley Pony Club
20th Holly Payne (USA) riding OUTFOXED A, Somerset Hills Pony Club
21st Megan O’Donoghue (USA) riding PIRATE C-3,

Boskydell Pony Club

22nd Maya Black (USA) riding DOESN’T PLAY FAIR A, Whidbey Island

Pony Club

23rd Lillian Heard (USA) riding SHARE OPTION B, Seneca Valley Pony Club
24th Bunnie Sexton (USA) riding RISE AGAINST H-A, Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club
25th Boyd Martin (USA) riding CRACKER JACK A, Forest Hills Pony Club, New South Wales
26th Nicola Wilson (GBR) riding WATERMILL VISION Hurworth

Pony Club

27th Elizabeth Snow (USA) riding COAL CREEK
28th Erin Sylvester (USA) riding NO BOUNDARIES C-2, North River Pony Club
29th Laine Ashker (USA) riding ANTHONY PATCH C-1, Sierra Gold Pony Club
30th Kristin Schmolze (USA) riding BALLYLAFFIN BRACKEN
31st Jennie Brannigan (USA) riding CAMBALDA
32nd Anna Collier (USA) riding GLEAMING ROAD H-A, Columbia Winds Pony Club
33rd Bruce “Buck”

Davidson, Jr. (USA) riding THE APPRENTICE

UR, Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds Pony Club
34th Cody Sturgess


35th Jordan Linstedt (USA) riding REVITAVET CAPATO
36th Allie Blyskal

Sacksen (USA) riding SPARROW’S NIO

A, Brandywine Hounds Pony Club
37th Robert Meyerhoff (USA) riding DUNLAVIN’S TOKEN C-2, Devil Mountain Pony Club
38th Angela Grzywinski

(USA) riding NOVELLE

H-A, Sangre de Cristo Pony Club
39th Ellen Doughty-Hume (USA) riding SIR OBERON A, Trinity Hills II Pony Club
40th Amanda Wilson



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