television showIt does not make any difference where you are or what kind of horse you ride. Plain and simple, I want you to ride with me. It is so much more than a trail ride. We have the opportunity to make new friends and renew old acquaintances. All filmed rides are on gentle trails for any level rider. What a great way to introduce friends or grandchildren to trail riding!

We are upgrading our editing systems as we write this to be able to show more of the riders on longer video segments with their horses and spectacular scenery across America. Best of all, we can show you having the time of your life. You deserve this!

We are announcing our Grand Tour of America in the coming weeks, but I can give you a sneak preview of a few places that we have already scheduled. We will travel in most states to make sure we will be close to any rider, any place in America.

By the way, we just returned from Arizona for three new shows: One was to the historic location of the Cochise Stronghold, including riding to the actual hide out! Another was to the old historic town of Tombstone where we stayed at Tombstone Monument Ranch and a new wonderful place to ride with excellent horses to use, Circle Z Guest Ranch. I can’t think of another place with better horses than these two ranches. The food is excellent and the accommodations are perfect for us. Best of all, at these places, the owners, staff and guides take more care than any place I have visited yet.

Our next ride will be at East Fork in Jamestown, Tennessee on the weekend of May 1st followed by the Gathering at the Farm, here in Virginia in mid-May. There are actually two events here: The first will be a week of one-on-one training for horses and riders, taught by me and the nationally known trainer (and, in my opinion, the best trainer in the country), Justin Dunn of wild Mustang fame. I have traveled and visited with him in Colorado and he is the best. He and I will work with you, your horse and trail ride, cattle drive and take you and your horse to new levels!

The second part of the Gathering at the Farm, is a ‘home coming’ of sorts. Originally, when we were traveling so very much, that we had to be home in May for family birthdays, hay season, and taking care of everything here. My wife said, and I quote: “You can do anything you want in May but not leave the farm.” OK, I thought about it and invited everyone here. It has grown so much with people we have ridden with and a place for folks to visit in a relaxed atmosphere. We do not charge anything for parking or camping. We do charge a fee to cover the meals, which we furnish. All the events, trail rides, seminars are free. The banquet is a highlight and we love feeding folks great southern meals with the warmest hospitality. Consider coming home with me this May!

The other events we will cover will include recreating President Lincoln’s last ride from the White House to Lincoln’s Cottage in Washington, DC for the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination in April and the Chincoteague Pony Roundup in July both for a production shoot. Stepping Stone Ranch in Rhode Island has asked us to come feature their 10th Annual “Cowboy Rendezvous” as well as the ranch’s 60th Anniversary celebration on October 9-12 which all are invited to attend. The cruise to the eastern Caribbean still has a few spots for November 1-8 and we will officially kick-off the Grand tour of America at the RO Ranch in Florida on November 13-15th.

Finally, we are deeply honored to present the Wreath to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in July 26, 2015, a Sunday at 12:15. We are doing so on your behalf and from all the horse community. You may add your name to the card (now a book) at no charge. You may add anyone in your family or friends who wish to honor those that served us with their lives. To add your names to the list, please send an email to with the names, hometowns and state of the people that you wish to be included on the card.

Contact me anytime, directly at my personal e mail, Be sure to “LIKE” our Facebook page: Best of America by Horseback or

We are just getting started to do so many things and show you more beautiful places to see and visit by horseback. Consider riding with me. Call the office for more information at 540-829-9555.