Houston, Texas – January 13, 2020 — Pyranha® the longstanding leader in premium quality and innovative insect control and grooming products announced today the return of the Cunningham brothers to their executive team as co-managers.

The Cunningham family not only founded the company in 1972, but also managed it until very recent years.  Back from hiatus and with the return of Greg and David Cunningham as managing partners, is the return of the core family values Pyranha­ has long been known for.

“Greg and I are excited to be back and co-managing the company, said David Cunningham, “We look forward to working within the principles of what our father founded the company under, so many years ago.” David continued. Now with 2020 and a new decade to look forward to, we also look forward to expanding not only our business, but also on our family’s vision for the company.”

About Pyranha Inc -Established in 1972, Pyranha® is a household name in insecticides for the equine, livestock and pet community. Constantly innovating, Pyranha’s® multi-species formulas provide improved comfort for animals both when used separately, or in concert with each other. For additional information on Pyranha’s® line of insecticide and grooming products please visit a Pyranha® dealer near you or our website at www.pyranhainc.com

For additional information please contact:

Pyranha, Inc.

6602 Cunningham Rd, Houston, Texas 77041.

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