balanceCrib note: We’re sharing answers to the often-asked question about the Balance Rider’s value for people who don’t ride horses. All of these points relate to essentials of bodily fitness.



  • The Balance Rider is the ultimate core strength builder because it specifically targets the core ~ in a manner and with an efficiency that is unique to this training platform. Seated astride this non-motorized, random moving barrel, ONLY the core is engaged. Hands, arms, feet and legs are of precious little use in the effort to remain upright.


Spine and brain

  • Profoundly addresses the neurological/proprioceptive systems of the spine and brain.


  • Directs the concentration of movement to the trunk and spinal column by largely disabling the proprioceptors of feet, knees and hips.


  • Strengthens the deepest spinal stabilization muscles that support the spine and make it flexible. The larger, more commonly exercised abdominal and (other muscles) of the human trunk are also challenged, but on the Balance Rider, these bullies aren’t able to overpower the vital little-guy-spinal-stabilizers, because the body cannot balance on abs alone . . .


Reduces vulnerability to injury:

The ever-challenging effort to stay upright and relatively still on the Balance Rider re-patterns spinal proprioceptive & mechanoreceptor response ~ an effect which has been shown to make the human body less vulnerable to injury.

The briefest of definitions might be helpful:

  • Mechanoreceptors are any of the sense organs that respond to vibration, stretching, pressure, or other mechanical stimuli.


  • Proprioceptors are sensory receptors in muscles, joint capsules and surrounding tissues that signal information to the central nervous system about position and movement of body parts.


  • Aids intersegmental spinal range of motion ~ In addition to the obvious benefits of training the spinal muscles and addressing the neurology of balance, simply trying to sit on the Balance Rider also provides a gentle, flexibility enhancing spinal range of motion for the vertebral column in the lumbar area.


  • Vastly increases proprioceptive efficiency ~ By challenging human equilibrium in an uncommon way, the Balance Rider is an exceptional aid in proprioceptor activation and development.


  • Offers an On-Going Experience ~ Once the user has mastered basic balance, increasingly difficult workout levels can be added to insure a continued efficient and challenging exercise regimen.