carolyl resnickCreating a relationship with a horse by waiting for a horse to start the
relationship makes a horse easy to train because you have his full

Working a horse at liberty with my method, the horse has an ability to avoid you if he chooses. This causes a person to stop chasing or pushing a horse when a horse is resistant. Not being able to control a horse’s
resistance with tack puts the emphasis on developing a bond with the horse first. Having to develop a bond in a free environment develops empathy.

You can´t help but become the student of your horse when the horse is free
to leave you when he chooses. The focus becomes creating a communication
that would draw a horse to you. Training a horse in this manner, the
approach must be done differently than with tack. It becomes a co-created
process were development of leadership, morality and communication are
enhanced. From the horses ability to accept or decline your leadership and
from your ability to allow or not allow a horse to be in your present and
when you would choose to share food with him you can train a horse

When horses are free and feel safe they enjoy companionship with humans. A
great adventure takes place from developing a relationship with a horse in
a harmonious environment that is totally natural to a horse. In the
beginning, tack is not the answer.

I was watching a TV show, Funniest Home Videos, the other night of a
little girl playing with a few goats. She had a bag in her hand and one
goat started jumping on her to get it. So, she was starting to get a bit
concerned, the goat was almost as large as she was. She spoke directly to
the goat and told him that he needed to leave her alone so she could have
time to open the bag and get out the food to give it to the goat. The goat
kept on and her father said, “Drop the bag” to get the goat to stop
jumping on the girl but she would not do what her father suggested. Then
she addressed the goat by saying “You are not going to get anything.” and
ran off. The goat got nothing and the little girl took care of her own
situation. Can you imagine what kind of relationship this little girl
would have experienced if she had run across a goat that had been trained
with the Waterhole Rituals- the goat would have waited patiently. At
liberty, in a free open environment, that day she learned a big lesson. I
just bet that if she came back to that goat on another day she would have
a different plan in how to teach that goat a lesson. Next time she might
choose to throw the food over the fence.

Working with horses at liberty puts you in a situation where you cannot
connect with a horse unless you speak to a horse’s true animal nature.
From what a person learns from working at liberty with my method is a very
humbling and empowering experience at the same time. Freedom without tack;
using my method you become aware of the true nature of an individual horse
and you will learn the culture of horses and how to bond with them in a
surprising and easy way. This search to connect and train a horse at
liberty opens many doors in knowing how to communicate and connect with
all things. Working with my method, you will find universal laws that are
created from freedom of choice. Learning how to lead, bond and communicate
in freedom you discover the formula in how to bring connection from



Translating what you learn from horses, you will develop an ability to
create peoples´ interest in following your lead as well. Learning the art
of bonding from horses you find you can create deep connection with people
and bring out there interest to help you reach your goals. Not from force
but from the freedom that you share with one another.

Leadership and Companionship

Horses are defiantly special in their own right. What horses did for me
hanging around them all my life and training them, taught me to look
around at nature and see how beautiful the world is. I believe this came
to me from how horses see the world being a prey animal, looking for a
place were peace and harmony offers well being and safety. They keep a
wide view of life and have a love of companionship and need for harmony
and unity. Being with horses in nature, they included me into their lives.
I discovered an amazing society built on companionship and pecking order.
But not the kind of pecking order most people envision, I discovered a
kind of pecking order that protects the whole community to the weakest
individuals, it is a buddy system that I believe could help modern man to
grow his interest to want more harmony and unity in his own life and know
how to create it.


I think that humans are the leaders of the planet, but I believe that we
have forgotten how we got there. I believe we got to where we are by being
a student of life. Somehow after we have been here on earth so long, we
stopped our veracious interest in learning and fitting-in with the
environment that surrounds us because of our interest and ability to
create our own environment within the natural environment of which we
still cannot live without. Without nature we would not have art, music,
medicine, if you think of it, everything man made is derived from nature.
And I am so pleased that our energy is still measured in horsepower.

My wish is that people who have became numb, could wake up to the joy of
being alive, to bring them all the fulfillment they need. With a little
shift, life can become magical even if they are unable to fill their own
personal bucket list. Getting in a state of joy would make it possible to
know how to fill that bucket more easily.


Horses can bring out this natural joy in people. Animals bring us to the
awareness of the moment that brings us a deep sense of well-being. It is
the little things in life that are the most healing and rewarding to our
spirit. What is going on in my ranch right now, is that we have a bird
that has taken up riding all the horses. He is getting so brave, today he
rode the horse I was working at liberty.

Connecting and Finding Joy

There is another thing that is most rewarding, it is my ability to give
private Clinics at my ranch.

From working directly with you, I am able to give you an understanding of
horses and my Waterhole Rituals in fun and creative ways. My clinics are
not just about touching and feeling things. Getting in touch with
well-being and being in the moment opens a door in how to connect and
train a horse. In my Clinics I show you how to bond, connect, lead,
communicate and train horses at liberty to bring about a better connection
with a horse when you ride. Mastery of making a connection with a horse is
gained when your training is born from freedom, unity and harmony.


This next year I am offering private clinics on request to singles,
couples or groups at my ranch monthly, starting in January 2012. This
coming summer I am planning to also do public clinics, private clinics and
lessons around the U.S. If you are interested in attending or hosting a
clinic please get in touch with me at

Have a great weekend. Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may

the horse be with you.



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