Author: Carolyn Resnick

Developing Trick Training As An Art – How To Approach Trick Training To Get The Best Results

How to stop a horse from doing a trick that you have trained him to do.  This is a common problem. A person can teach a horse to count and the next thing they know is that they have now created a monster because the horse paws the ground incessantly until he gets a treat. This behavior can happen with any trick. In this blog I want to show you how to fix it. To stop this behavior takes more training. This stage, when a horse is out of control, is normal. I will explain about that later. I...

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Bit And Cavasons Cruelly Used On Horses And A Horse Named Babe

As you all know, who are my Facebook friends, I was struggling on a topic for my next blog. After your suggestions I was going through my home feed, on Facebook, and I ran across this picture that sparked a need in me to share a story about the cruelty that many horses face in how bits and cavasons are used and how we need to change our attitude and treatment of horses.

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