The Western Pleasure Horse, Part 1

This month is the beginning of a series of three articles for amateur riders who wish to show in western pleasure and are working without a professional trainer. This first article will discuss the the importance of selecting the right horse for the western pleasure show.

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Meet The Trainer

Kind and talented, this man will undoubtedly capture your admiration and your horse’s respect.

He asks the horse for a perfect, polished slide stop, hands quiet, the horse willingly responsive to the hackamore. He strokes the horse’s neck, steps off, and leads the horse over to the golf cart. A whistle brings a gaggle of dogs from various points around the ranch. They all load up and somehow balance themselves on the cart. Off they head for the barn: horse, trainer, dogs.

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Communicating With Your Aids, Part 2

This month’s article is the second in a series based on part two of my five-part visual series, “Dressage Principles for the Western and English Horse and Rider.” This section is titled “Communicating with Your Aids…Keys to Success” because I believe that it contains the lessons every rider needs to create a responsive and willing horse.

Last month I discussed the importance of a horse that stands still while the rider mounts and the rider’s responsibilities during the mounting process. In this article I will give you more advice on how to mount safely.

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Colt Starting, Part 2

I recently walked by a construction site, which had a picture posted of the building that was to go there. As I observed the large mounds of dirt, ditches, culverts, and pipelines, I couldn’t imagine how this chaotic scene would one day resemble the architect’s picture.

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Colt Starting, Part 1

This is the time of year when all the colts and fillies are turning two and three. Have you considered when and where you are going to enroll your “youngster” in school?
Many years ago Robert Fulghum wrote a book entitled “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten,”

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