Tom Seay

Tom Seay

In this issue, I am not going to talk about trail riding, training tips or travel tips. Instead, I want to talk about something that will affect you or someone close to you during this riding season.

This morning, as I was watching the national news, I saw a story on an uncontrolled wildfire, the aftermath of a tornado in the Midwest and damages from hale, wind, and flooding from severe storms in the South. These events have a direct impact for almost half of our club membership and television viewing audience. Without a doubt, the majority of those folks are wishing (as I would have) they had been a little more prepared.

It doesn’t make any difference if it is a major weather event or a squirrel getting into a substation electrical system, we live in a very fragile environment. To help prepare for any of these or other unpredictable events, here are some plans (without cost) you can do right now to be more prepared.

First, I leave my LQ horse trailer plugged in and the batteries fully charged. Second, I start my generator every Monday to keep the carborator clear and its’ batteries charged and to know it is working. Most generator manufacturers suggest running them at least once a month, under a load, for 20 minutes. In rural Virginia layman terms, that means, run the heater or air conditioner, run the coffee pot and make yourself a cup of coffee and watch TV. It is also a great place to hide ice cream that your spouse may not know about. Kick back and relax while the generator runs for those twenty minutes.

Third, I keep the pantry stocked with basic canned and dry goods including several days supply of bottled water.


Next, I keep the water tank full and topped off. I keep both propane tanks full but keep one turned completely off. This insures no leakage or loss of propane.

These basics will “jumpstart” your thinking so you can make your own plans, but there are three other benefits to this.

First, there is peace of mind you and your family have an emergency backup place to use. Second, it is an emergency bedroom for others who may need a place to stay or just for guests who stop by Our co-host, cowboy singer and songwriter Del Shields will be at our home in a few weeks. Your guest rooms are full, so Del will be staying trailer and he will love it!

The third benefit is the fact that you can be ready in an instant to go to the aid of a friend in a disaster area and give them shelter and comfort without stressing the ability of the local area to house them. Or, you can be ready in an instant to load your horses and leave your area if it is in danger.

Trail riders are a community of like-minded people who love their animals, the outdoors, their family and friends. Being ready to help those around you is just another way to show respect and kindness.

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