Author: Kurt Winner

Grilled Shrimp

Garlicky with a big kick of cayenne and a lick of lemon; I just hope you make enough for everyone or you may have a riot on the trail! Absolutely one of my all time favorites, this dish will please everyone. Easy to make ahead and pack in, these are perfect for trail rustlers after a long day in the saddle. Double up heavy duty freezer bags to pack as the garlic is strong. Ingredients: Shrimp is usually marked by how many per pound and how many pounds per bag; most of the time it’s 2 lbs per bag....

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Beef Barley And Vegetable Stew

The Holidays are here and with all of the shopping and entertaining to do, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves (and get outside and go for a trail ride!). This hearty, one-dish meal fits the bill perfectly. One of my favorite cold weather recipes, it’s easy and really the definition of comfort food. Also a good camp cooking recipe as it uses whatever you brought with you as long as you have the core ingredients of barley, meat, stock, and veggies. A great make-ahead dish, you can warm it up while you wrap the gifts, trim the...

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A good pairing: Bread Pudding recipe and the National Mountain Trail Championship

The National Mountain Trail Championships for 2009 are here. Each November, at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene, Oregon, riders and their mounts complete the indoor course meandering over a walking bridge, around a waterfall and pond, through a mini-forest, and over rocky ledges, boulders, and downed trees. The Championships and the varied terrain is the brainchild of the center’s Major Defoe. How did it get started? Major says “It’s based on a plywood cow. We had a show in the arena and every time the horses came around the plywood cow, they‘d duck and dive. We all watched...

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