Month: February 2020

Working With a Pushy Horse

I see a lot of rude, pushy horses. Probably 90% of the horses brought in to the barn for training are pushy and do not respect our space. As owners, we usually spend more time riding than dealing with ground issues. There is nothing wrong with riding and having a good time.

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Dealing with the Death of a Horse

It’s never easy to witness. There’s something about their power… their free spirit… the image of running like the wind, that makes it especially hard to watch a horse go down. Seeing a happy and carefree horse suddenly fall ill and struggle to survive or watching an old beloved friend suffer and grow weak…

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History and Legacy Beckon for National Hunt Racing Horses This Spring

In the unique world of national hunt racing in the British Isles, the early spring (or, depending on your perspective, the late winter) is an exciting time for fans. It’s a time of rampant speculation, as horses who have emerged with credit from the gruelling winter months get set for the climax of the season at the Cheltenham Festival and Aintree Grand National Festival.

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