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Whispering Loudly And Clearly

“We let our horses push us around too much,” Buck Brannaman tells us. He’s in a round pen, working with a woman’s bay colt that keeps trying to push into Buck’s space. “I would never let my horse get this bad.”
The colt’s owner, who’s standing just outside the round pen fence, calls out to Buck, “He has tantrums!”

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A Natural-Born Trainer

It is said that in any business the most important step, and possibly the hardest, is getting your foot in the door. I consider myself blessed to be “born with my foot in the door.”Being the daughter of Richard Winters, a successful trainer and clinician, has given me many different opportunities throughout the last 19 years that I would otherwise not have had, or even dreamed of experiencing.

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Meet The Trainer

While other grade school boys dreamed of being firemen, astronauts, or race car drivers, this young horseman thought of nothing other than being a cowboy. It was not the most convenient dream, considering he lived in town with parents who had no ties whatsoever to the equine community.

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