veterensI want to share with you what Best of America by Horseback is doing for the horse community, regardless if you are a member of our organization or not.

On July 26, 2015, we will present a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, and additional wreaths at the World War I, World War II, the Vietnam Wall, and the Korean Memorial. There will be a card with every name that wishes to be listed and their hometown.

There is no charge to be listed. Often, I become irritated with countless charities asking for money to do some good work. When it is all done, little of the funds go to the cause and most of the charity profits by it. There is no agenda here other than to honor those who have served and died for the freedoms we enjoy.

Rural minded people, and especially folks like you in the horse world, seem to have a deeper respect for our freedoms and the sacrifices made by others. As we ride our horses and mules all over America, we are free from carrying papers to show our citizenship or travel visas to cross state lines. Horse people experience the very essence of freedom and have such a respect for others, their communities, their neighbors and the common good of us all.

Therefore, we will present the wreath on that Sunday in July for all of us. I invite you to add your name. Again, there is no cost. Nothing to join, just an opportunity to add your name to the list of us the wish to honor those before us.

If you wish to add your name, names of people in your family or friends, simply email the names and the city and state to: If you would like more information about Honor the Veterans, please visit our website,, for more details.


I will be proud to present it on your behalf.  Watch our Facebook page or our website for updates of these events. (Our new website is coming soon!)

Facebook: Best of America by Horseback


You can join Tom Seay & Best of America by Horseback at these upcoming locations:

June 26-30: Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch in Quincy, CA

October 9-12: “Cowboy Rendezvous” at Stepping Stone Ranch in West Greenwich, RI

November 1-8: Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean – NEW riding locations in the Caribbean

November 13-15: Carriages, Mules & Wagons Event at RO Ranch in Mayo, FL

– all types of equines encouraged to join and participate

For more details on upcoming rides, visit our website: