A Horse, Of Course

Don and Walter

Don and Walter

Nelson Mandela suggested our primary fear was not that we would fail at something. What we fear most, he said, is our great capacity to achieve—it demands we leave our comfort zone and take action.

Linus of the comic strip Charlie Brown said the heaviest burden a person carries is “great potential.”

Everyone has both great potential and a great capacity to achieve. The problem is most people do not have a clear vision of what it is they want. To say, “I want to be happy,” means nothing. Do you just want to be tickled? To say, “I want a lot of money,” means nothing. You can have a billion dollars of Monopoly money.

Reaching your potential and achievement begin with defining specific goals that have a time frame, but never have an ending; they are moving rather than fixed, and most importantly, they are not “impossible.”

I want to train a world champion English pleasure horse would be a desire, but not a goal. I want to train a world champion Arabian English pleasure horse by the year 2020, would be a goal, but maybe an impossible one—consider all the factors over which you have not control. A more realistic goal would be: I want to train and show an Arabian English pleasure horse at the world championships by 2020. This goal is attainable and provides the opportunity to win the world championship. Think how many different creative ways you can attack and achieve this goal.

There will be many obstacles to overcome during your quest, but the goal itself won’t frustrate and defeat you.
To help you succeed, establish logical steps that you can achieve within short periods of time. For example, know exactly what it is the judges are looking for from an Arabian English pleasure horse. Most competitors read the rulebook, but never interview judges. Ask and learn and practice judging until you can pick the winners of every class you watch.

Know the conformation of the horses that win. You can become an expert in the conformation of the Arabian English pleasure horse, knowing exactly how the form enhances the function. Starting with just any Arabian horse isn’t going help you achieve.

Be willing to “change horses in mid-stream.” Test your horse periodically…does he move like a winner, does he look like a winner, is he winning?

All champions are special. In an Arabian English pleasure class each horse is going to walk, trot and canter; and they will all do it well. The winner is going to perform the same gaits, but in a special way. Can you horse actually win? If not, don’t ask the impossible.

By setting the right kind of goals, leaving your comfort zone and taking action, you will overcome the fear of success, and in every step along the way you’ll be a winner.

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