Leading A Balking Horse

It is surprising to me to see well-trained dressage horses leading from place to place as badly as they do. Leading is such a valuable tool for the connection and relaxation you have with a horse when you ride, especially a dressage horse.  A horse can be well trained, but if the willingness and acceptance are not there the performance suffers and so does the horse.

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Free Lesson In How To Get A Horse To Touch A Ball, Push A Ball, And Roll A Ball On Request

The purpose of my blog is to make a connection with you. I can connect with people all over the world, thanks to the computer, and we can explore and correspond with one another on the experiences we’re having with our horses in our life! I also use the blog as a way, to educate, to raise consciousness, and to use philosophical viewpoints that will lead to a better relationship with horses; for training, partnering, and performance.

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The First Lesson We Learn Being With Horses

Horses test us and build our character through their innate nature and natural instincts by how they respond to us. One of the ways they test us is by how we approach them. However, the rudder is lost in how to learn what a horse has to teach us if a horse is forced against his will to respond differently from his natural instincts. The path is lost in how to grow spiritual awareness, compassion, and wisdom.

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