Author: Ken McNabb

Stallion Manners

If you own a stallion or have ever been around one, you probably understand the importance of good manners. A badly mannered stallion can be very dangerous to the people and horses around him. This month, we will discuss some simple exercises for establishing respect and control when you are leading your stallion in any situation. You may wonder, are stallion manners different from mare or gelding manners? I say no.

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Softening To The Bit

Whether you are starting your horse under saddle for the first time, or re-training an older horse with bad habits, teaching your horse to soften to the bit is a foundation exercise that you will use to build up to all other aspects of your training. You may hear softening to the bit also referred to as giving to the bit, getting a horse’s face vertical, suppling a horse’s neck, or getting a horse’s face soft. These are all basically the same thing.

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Promising Prospects

When you are looking at young prospects for your next horse, it’s important that you start with some key things. If you get the right characteristics and the right personality from the start, then you can save yourself lots of wasted training and time on a horse that’s simply not cut out for what you want to do.

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