Author: Christy Egan

Cactus Reining Classic, 2016

If there was an annual award for Perfect NRHA Show of the Year, the 2016 Cactus Reining Classic would seriously have to be in the running. You know what they say about “Location …”. The WestWorld facility in Scottsdale, Arizona has proximity to it all, great stabling, great rings, great hotels and restaurants.

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An Endorsement By Dr. Stevens

To educate and inform others of the true facts behind the consistent , efficient and safe use of the1999, formula in the Equine Colic Relief product aka ECR. I have many times witnessed under tight control and recorded for education its simplistic ingredients, when orally given as per instructed and per test results.

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Why Horses Get Stomach Ulcers And How To Treat Gastric Equine Ulcers Naturally

Most people do not know for sure if their horses have gastric ulcers. They may only suspect the presence of ulcers because of small noticeable changes in their horse’s condition. For example, adult horses with ulcers can exhibit a combination of poor appetite, dullness, attitude changes, decreased performance, poor body and hoof condition, rough hair coat, weight loss and colic.

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