ride logoWe at Equine Colic Relief Company Inc. appreciate being given Dr. Stevens’ endorsement, which he shares below.
In parting he said in even the most allergic equine, ECR never produced the slightest reaction, as it consistently, safely and efficiently eliminated an impaction. If you need to know more call 877-363-2688 or visit our information website, http://www.equinecolicrelief.com. This was not posted to generate business but to provide an unsolicited experts opinion of our formula.

warmest regards

Tara and Matt Flynn

To educate and inform others of the true facts behind the consistent , efficient and safe use of the1999, formula in the Equine Colic Relief product aka ECR. I have many times witnessed under tight control and recorded for education its simplistic ingredients, when orally given as per instructed and per test results. Most studiously observing its testing time factors, it does enter the bloodstream through the soft lining of the mouth. I then matched its 4 elimination processes within the bloodstream to the same precise 2 Phase set of time factors. Phase 1 begins and ends within 10-45 minutes by my watch. I observed definite biological and physiological vitality and a natural state of health, stabilize in the patient. Phase 2 in 46-90 minutes by my watch had eliminated and defecated the softened content of the tract.
I surmise, during these process time factors, through observation of my patients demur and vital signs.

The body remained healthy because the formula effortlessly performs within it to soften the impaction and entire content of the tract and efficiently, and safely defecates it with various fluctuations of gas.

While as I had observed earlier, the body remains stabilized. A definite example of the old scientific law of using a natural effect on a natural cause to regress the condition as it progresses the health of the equine. Simply amazing in this day to be able to use, what 4 centuries ago was only possible.

In 2002, the developer of this unfathomable formula stated to me the following.
ECR began by enhancing the potency and adding ingredients to a 1818 apothecary physicians recipe, that eliminated human impactions. Which using their own expertise they had altered within he order of compounding to produce within its molecular matrix a 4 oz, 1 dose, liquid formula, that performs the same in equines. When they tested it from 1996-1999 it earned a overall performance rating of 99.998 % from 152 participants as it eliminated all 152 gut impactions in 152 of the 720, equine subjects and global labs listed it as # 133 in a book of perfected and balanced formulas. Listing it above pharmaceutical formulas before it was globally released in 1999.

Proof positive is found in 2 two separate pages of testing results that are currently found on their website www.equinecolicrelief.com. Which I printed and reviewed and in my opinion, though the developer used the oldest form of natural compounding its pathology is way beyond the current laws of science to understand. Assuring the developers secrets without its recipe, will forever lie undetectable, even using an analysis to duplicate.
I am but one, of thousands of doctors, who years ago became an user and retail provider of ECR.
My story began in 2002, after I failed to resolve in 4 days, an impaction I informed the owner without surgical intervention, their horse would die. After making rounds in my clinic I returned 2 hours later, and found the owner had given his horse a bottle of ECR. When I examined my patient, he was mentally alert, eating, drinking, his vitals normal, 4 quadrant bi-laterals were strong, with no sign of pain nor distention, and as he expelled another pile of stool, and urinated. I was stunned to silence at the fact ECR had accomplished what my convention tool set could not and remain grateful, each time it does ! The gut impacted patients presenting at our clinic or on a farm call, whose condition includes a twist etc, classified as abnormal. Are never needlessly administered ECR. It is speedy surgical intervention they need if, they are to live.

I have told several close colleges and other doctors I spoke with through the years about the developmental abilities of ECR, and soon as users and providers, they did the same. Watching good horses needlessly die and everybody hanging on to the fallacy only we as doctors, are allowed to save them. If that were true, explain why equine owners with no medical expertise can give ECR, and their horses live, while others not given ECR, can die?
I professionally endorse ECR as hundreds of doctors already have and recommend to my colleges as I do to every horse owner who uses it, to do the same.

Dr. Stevens D.V.M and E.P