Author: Clinton Anderson

The Trail Isn’t An All-Your-Horse-Can-Eat Buffet

How many times have you been out on the trail and either you, or someone you ride with, lets his horse munch on a mouthful of grass to pacify the horse? One problem with this snacking is that a horse can only think about one thing at a time. He’s either got his attention on you or on his next snack. So, he doesn’t always pay attention to where his feet are going and can trip, stumble, and fall over things. This can lead to injury for both the horse and the rider. Also, eating on the trail is...

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Sweeten Up Your Arena Sour Horse

If you compete in timed events with your horse, chances are you or someone you compete with has had to deal with an arena sour horse. A lot of people who compete in events like barrel racing or pole bending have arena sour horses. Think about arena sourness from a horse’s perspective. Outside the arena, he gets to relax and hang out with his buddies. Inside the arena, he gets whipped and spurred to run fast. As soon as he leaves the arena he’s allowed to rest and be with his friends again. It’s no wonder these horses develop...

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Mustang Makeover 1 – This Will Be The Competition’s Second Year At The Western States Horse Expo

By: Kathleen McFarren Steve Bauhr will be competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento this June. This summer, the Extreme Mustang Makeover returns to the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento June 12th to 14th. In its second year, the Extreme Mustang Makeover will showcase 30 trainers who have each had just 90 days to gentle and train a mustang. The mustangs are judged on conditioning, groundwork, and on their ability to maneuver through a horse course with obstacles commonly found in trail and recreational riding. The top ten trainers and mustangs...

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Communicating With Your Body Language

Most of us are aware that humans are big, verbal communicators. However, not all of us are conscious of the role body language plays in our daily interactions. For example, if I’m in public and someone I don’t like comes up to me, I have to act civilized since I’m in public. My lips might say all the right things, but my body language has a certain attitude about it. Unlike humans, horses communicate almost exclusively by body language. Of course, they nicker and whinny to each other, but they spend most of their time reading each other’s body...

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Earn Your Horse’s Respect

I’ve heard lots of crazy stories about how to deal with a horse that rears, and I’m sure you have too. I’ve heard of everything from whacking horses between the ears with sticks, busting a balloon filled with warm water over their heads, and making loud noises to get horses to stop rearing. Very rarely do any of these techniques work, and even if they do, they’re very short-lived. Why horses rear A horse doesn’t just rear. He rears because something is making him. Two main reasons that horses rear are • He’s afraid. The horse is afraid and...

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