Month: June 2018

My Horse Won’t Stay on the Rail

Horses are smarter than we give them credit for and any horse that’s been around an arena more than once, has figured out that it’s a much shorter distance around when they cut corners and leak in off the rail. No horse stays glued to the arena fence unless he is well-trained and obedient. All horses feel the pull of “gate gravity” or “barn gravity,” but only the horses that think they can get away with it will act on that feeling.

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Versatility and Cross Training

A horse that is versatile can do a variety of things. It does not have to be really good at every task. The horse may have one discipline that it excels in but it is also able to do other types of activities. For example, you may have a good trail horse and at the same time that horse is able to work with cows and perhaps do some jumping. A trail horse needs to be familiar with cows and you never know when you may need to jump over an obstacle on the trail.

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Meaningful Work

Rich isn’t good enough…so besides being financially successful you’ve also got to be happy.

For you, that means making a lot of money while you enjoy your horses.

To be rich and happy, the advice is always “do what you love doing.” I totally agree…but I like to add two other things. 1. Do meaningful work. 2. Do what others don’t want to do.

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Canine or Wolf Teeth

During a conversation with a new horse owner she casually mentioned her trainer had recommended she have the canine teeth removed from her mare. After asking a few questions I figured out either the trainer or she had the canine teeth confused with wolf teeth. This is a common mix-up.

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