Month: February 2017

Top 3 Saddle-Fit Pains

Notes From Julie   At each of my clinics, my attention first turns to the horses’ tack to check for fit, adjustment and function. When it comes to saddle fit, my eyes always go to these three parts of the horse first: the withers, the shoulders and the loins. Most of the saddle fit issues I see affect one of these three parts of the horse. Often problems can be fixed by simply adjusting the placement of the saddle or getting a little creative with padding. Sometimes a different saddle is needed and for some horses, saddle fit will...

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Building Confidence In The Saddle ~ Part Two

Comfort and confidence rely on balance . . . and balance relies largely on core strength.

In this series focusing on RIDER confidence, we’ll cover a number of ways to develop this fundamentally important attribute.

From this rider/writer’s perspective, the most essential physical attributes of the confident equestrian are:

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Balance And Collection

We often hear the words “balance” and “collection” along with a variety of methods of achieving these goals for our horses. There are many different opinions on this broad subject and the short version of my mine is based on many years of experience working with many different horses in a variety of breeds. I have found that some really great trainers who I have worked with over the years share this view. We all agree that a balanced horse is a horse that carries himself. If you were to balance a horse on a scale, you would find...

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