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{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Julie and Dually Trust Is A Two-Way Street Julie Goodnight Trust Is A Two-Way Street Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Lynn Palm Improving the Walk Lynn Palm It probably comes as no surprise that a good walk is important in a trail horse. However, a horse with a comfortable, ground-covering walk is one that will be appreciated by real working cow Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} The Six Things I Always do When I Ride Charles Wilhelm Every time I get on a horse there are always six areas that I work on. This is true for both a horse that has just come in for training and for a finished horse. Every time I get on I work Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Notes From Julie Julie Goodnight An assignment from my first riding instructor—assembling a bridle from scratch—at first seemed like an easy task. But what seemed easy turned out to be daunting. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Having a well-trained pony that is the right size can help children learn skills Sharing Your Passion for Horses with Kids Julie Goodnight Sharing Your Passion for Horses with Kids Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Riding With Light Hands Charles Wilhelm I remember growing up and hearing that we must always ride with light hands and not pull on our horses. But what if the horse does not respond to a light rein and he pulls the reins through Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Eleanor Blazer and My Kustom Kruzer Deadly Feed Additives Eleanor Blazer "Tainted Feed Kills Horses" are headlines that appear too frequently. Is your horse at risk? Yes, if you purchase feed from manufacturers that use a drug called an ionophore. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Lynn Palm Building a Partnership with your Horse “Staying in Control” Lynn Palm Riders frequently ask how to stay in control in new situations. In fact, the most common question I am asked at clinics and featured appearances relates to training and riding outside of the Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} It’s About Time Julie Goodnight Most things in life that are important, take an investment of time—an education, a career, a relationship. Mastering a skill or a sport, starting a new business, overcoming setbacks; Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Mariah & Jess in the parade The Super Horse Charles Wilhelm A super horse is simply a horse that is versatile; it is a horse that can perform well in many areas. A super horse works well in the arena, goes safely out on the trail, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Eddie Eddie’s New Saddle – How Saddle Fit Changes Over Time Julie Goodnight I bought Eddie in the spring of his 3-year-old year; he was a handsome and sensible youngster with a great pedigree. A very ‘typey’ stock horse, he stood 14.2 hands and weighed in at about 9 Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Lynn Palm Building a Partnership with Your Horse Lynn Palm Any time you are getting into a different discipline, it is important to know what tack is allowed in competition. The smart rider will research ahead of time to learn all the rules about wh Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Carole & Josie The Mature Rider Charles Wilhelm Most of the riders I work with are older ladies with the average age at around 52. They all want to have a good time on the trail, at events and in competitive riding. For them, and you, I r Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Lynn Palm Western Dressage: Understanding Basic Level Tests 3 & 4 Lynn Palm Now that you are moving forward, let’s go into more detail about the gaits you and your horse will ride when competing at the Basic Level. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} First Aid First Aid for Horses Julie Goodnight I’ve been taking care of horses for half a century and during that time I’ve seen hundreds of injured horses, from mild scratches to cuts that need stitches to deep-tissue lacerations, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Make sure your horse is calm and relaxed before offering him his dinner Feed-Time Aggression Fix Julie Goodnight Help! What do I do, my horses are crowding me when I go into their pen to feed them and it’s just scary to have them so close and on top of me Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Charles with the Ball Having Fun With the Ball Charles Wilhelm You may have seen me use the ball or have seen it on my website. It is about 36 inches in diameter and made of colorful and very durable heavy-duty rubber Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Photo by: Heidi Melocco, Notes From Julie Julie Goodnight When folks tell me about problem behaviors, I hear one phrase often. I admit I’ve even said it myself when I was a young trainer. “For no apparent reason, my horse….” Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Strength Leads To Confidence Julie Goodnight “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” By and large, these are good words to consider when it comes to horses. Confidence is such a prevalent issue in horse sports, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Building a Partnership with your Horse Lynn Palm Knowledge is power. It’s always in your best interests to fully understand the dressage tests before you compete. Take time to review and there will be no surprises Read More
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