Author: J. L. Hardesty

Balance Rider For General Physical Fitness ~ Part One

We are often asked if the Balance Rider is only for equestrians, or if it has value for people who don’t ride horses. So we’re going to take a little side trip before going on with our explanations/definitions of balance, core strength and proprioception.

Essential facts: Good balance, core strength and proprioception are the basis for healthy/successful performance in any physical activity, from walking to pole-vaulting, from rowing a boat to swimming the English Channel.

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Building Confidence In The Saddle ~ Part Two

Comfort and confidence rely on balance . . . and balance relies largely on core strength.

In this series focusing on RIDER confidence, we’ll cover a number of ways to develop this fundamentally important attribute.

From this rider/writer’s perspective, the most essential physical attributes of the confident equestrian are:

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Birth Of The Balance Rider Part 2

Before summer arrived, in that year when my anticipation of it was marred by fear, Jim presented me with a gift that soon found its way to the top of my best-ever list. Unbeknownst to me, shortly after the Sunday of my sadness, the creative genius I love began inventing.
First, he dug out a saddle stand that we weren’t using, separated the top from the legs, and hid away the lower half so that I wouldn’t run across it and get curious.

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Birth Of The Balance Rider

Birth of the Balance Rider ~ Part One © J. L. Hardesty It all started one day in early spring, when the snow was softening from icy white to the pearlescent color that hints at winter’s end. Here in the Rocky Mountains, the transformation from frozen to fertile happens slowly. So this is an especially welcome change of seasons, when riders’ dreams turn to horseback climbs up switchback trails, gallops across broad meadows, and the music of fast-flowing streams in the high country. That year, as I began my own annual imaginings, I ran head long into a fear...

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