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Horses That Spook Easily

Sometimes horses appear to spook at nothing. I think that many times spooking is a conditioned response. The horse has learned to spook as a response and when we don’t do anything about it – when, in fact, we accept that behavior – the horse just seems to think that this is what we want.

The first thing I do before I address this as a training issue, is to check the horse’s diet. If the horse is on any kind of alfalfa feed, I change the diet to something less hot. If the horse has been on a high protein grain with a lot of molasses or any sugar in it, I stop feeding that.

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Colt Starting Part 2

This month, we will continue our series on how to start a colt under saddle. Before you start this month’s exercises, review last month’s round pen training to make sure your horse remembers everything and is listening to you.

For the exercises we will cover today, you will need support boots for your horse’s legs, a rope halter with a 12’ lead rope, a Navajo type saddle blanket that can be folded and unfolded easily, whatever saddle pad you like to ride in, and your saddle and anything you normally ride with such as a back cinch or breast collar.

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Welcome To The World

De-sensitization and imprinting are tools many trainer’s use Their importance to our efficient handling of horses is invaluable. From a human perspective our interaction with horses from handling to riding is safer and less stressful.

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