Western Dressage Offers Benefits For Show Horses Of All Breeds

Western Dressage can benefit any Western horse, no matter what discipline you ride. Riders who compete in breed shows will find that adding Western Dressage to their repertoire improves their horse’s performance in those other disciplines.
Let’s say you’ve been showing in Western pleasure or trail classes. Introductory Level dressage skills are for horses and riders that are proficient in the walk and trot

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Western Dressage: Are You Ready To Show?

So, you and your horse have been training in anticipation of entering your first Western Dressage show. But how do you know when you’re actually ready to compete?

This is a question of confidence. Your instructor or coach should be realistic and give you advice on whether or not you are ready to compete. If you don’t have an instructor, a video camera is your best tool to see yourself ride.

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Western Dressage: Preparing To Show

Dressage is for every rider and any horse, no matter what age, level of education, and what your goals may be. It is simply a natural training method for the horse and rider that leads to great success. So if you are a western rider, dressage training will help you bring out the best in your horse and you as a rider.

Western Dressage is a huge step in the right direction to improve the western rider’s education and skills.

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