Author: Eleanor Blazer

Horse Hives

I glanced at the pastured horses on my way to the barn. I stopped when I came to Sport. He had hives…small swollen bumps on his neck and chest. They were various sizes, with the largest about the size of a nickel.

He had been fine the night before.

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Horses And Alfalfa

Is alfalfa best hay for horses?

The word alfalfa comes from the Arabic word “alfasfasha”. Loosely translated it means “the best fodder”.
But, is it?

Alfalfa is high in protein. Crude protein of alfalfa harvested during the bud stage can be as high as 19.0 – 20.0 percent.

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Sharing Grain?

It’s a common rural sight – horses and cattle pastured together and serenely grazing. Sharing grass may be fine, but what about grain? The goal when feeding cattle is to maximize rate of gain and keep the animal healthy – while keeping costs down. To achieve this, additives are used; one is deadly to horses. Monensin, brand name Rumensin, is used in some cattle feeds to prevent coccidiosis (a disease caused by a microscopic parasite), improve feed efficiency, increase weight gain and aid in milk production. It can also be in supplement blocks. Monensin is fatal to horses, other...

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