Author: Don Blazer


Every time you turn around your horse has another cut, scrape, bump, lump, slash or puncture.
And you can be sure the new boo boo occurred moments before the show class, the race, the event or the pleasure trail ride.

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A Horse, Of Course

Some trainers are simply gifted athletes with a natural feel for a horse. Some are great communicators; others just have a flare for presentation and showmanship. But there are two things I’ve recognized in every great trainer I’ve met, interviewed or had the pleasure to learn from: “thinking and details”. There are a lot of trainers who can sit a horse and get the horse to do almost anything. These are the trainers I believe have a natural talent that can’t be explained. The problem is, most of the time, they can’t explain it either and that is why...

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Special Meal Treats

We celebrate just about every holiday with a special meal. Why shouldn’t our horses? They should and can! Special meal treats are good for horses, nutritionally and psychologically. (Note of caution: just like treats for us, treats for horses shouldn’t be overdone. Too much of a good thing can result in a tummy ache.)

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