A Horse, Of Course

A little more than 10,000 years ago—give or take a 1,000 years—one cave man said to another, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.” So they did.

First man just ate horses. Later he discovered he could keep lame mares and milk them. That was the beginning of the meat and milk industry.

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Communicating with Your Horse

Why is it these days that whenever a clinician tells a rider, “the most important way of communicating is….” – he or she always has a communication device to sell?

           Or “the most important means of communication is” some kind of training system the clinician is promoting.

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Don’t Let Your Horse Get Thrush

In the world of horses, thrush is not a songbird. It’s a dirty bird. Thrush is an unhealthy condition of the hoof which is most frequently blamed on a dirty stall. It ought to be blamed on conformation and poor hoof management. While it is true unsanitary conditions can be a cause of thrush, lack of exercise, configuration of the hoof and improper or inadequate trimming of the wall, sole and frog is more likely responsible.

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Do What You Love!

If you want to be rich and you want to be happy, then you must do what you love. Simple as that!
“No it isn’t,” you say… You’ve got a job and a husband and kids, or a wife and kids, and a dog and three horses.
You can’t just quit your job and open your horse grooming business, SHINNING STAR, and do what you love.

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