Month: January 2017

What Is A “Broke Horse?” – Part II

Last month we talked about some of the problems horses can exhibit and the different standards that are applied to determine a “broke horse.” We discussed what a broke horse is not: a horse that refuses to go forward, is lazy, won’t move off the leg, doesn’t understand or respond to cues from the inside or outside rein, doesn’t back up with energy, and a variety of other behaviors. This type of horse may not be a problem horse but may simply be uneducated. In one of my Responsive Riding clinics, I asked riders to rate their horse’s backing...

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Leather Care

A little lather is good for leather.
I’m glad it only takes a little lather, because cleaning leather tack is not one of my favorite jobs. It’s always one of those must do jobs.
Tack that is clean and well-conditioned looks better, performs better and last much, much longer

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Notes From Julie

When I was a kid, horses and ballet lessons were the only non-school activities I did. I went to the barn every single day to ride my horse. Life was uncomplicated then and time was on my side; carving out time to spend with my horse wasn’t a problem. That sure has changed–you grow up and life fills in all your free time if you allow it. You’d think being in the horse profession, finding time to ride my own horses would be easy. But did you ever hear of the cobbler’s children going barefoot? Like most adults, the...

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