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Riding With Light Hands

I remember growing up and hearing that we must always ride with light hands and not pull on our horses. But what if the horse does not respond to a light rein and he pulls the reins through our hands? I believe this means we are not communicating with the horse. So, through lack of education and knowledge we end up making our horses heavier by pulling harder on the reins.

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The Use of Spurs

Spurs are a training aid to assist us to get a horse to go in the direction we would like it to go. We are looking for a well trained horse, whether we want the horse to be an eventer, a dressage horse, a reiner or just a good trail horse. You can look at spurs as the training wheels on a bicycle. At first the wheels are on the ground but as the rider becomes more proficient, the wheels are raised and eventually removed.

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Working With a Pushy Horse

I see a lot of rude, pushy horses. Probably 90% of the horses brought in to the barn for training are pushy and do not respect our space. As owners, we usually spend more time riding than dealing with ground issues. There is nothing wrong with riding and having a good time.

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A Word on Hoof Care

Hoof care is an important element in the care of a horse. With a young horse it is really important to start foot care early. Handle the feet as soon as a foal will allow it. You can prevent a lot of conformation problems by trimming early. Sometimes a hoof grows upright and boxy instead of at an angle like a normal hoof. This is called a clubfoot.

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Thoughts on What it Means to be a Horseman – Part II

We need to set standards and have expectations for our horses. There is always a pecking order in a herd. When a horse is a member of a herd, it knows how to behave and what is expected of it. It is no different with us. We are obviously not going to kick our horse if it doesn’t do what we want as a boss mare would do. However, we can duplicate that leadership by controlling the feet and putting pressure on the horse,

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Thoughts on What It Means to be a Horseman – Part I

What qualifies a person to be a horseman or horsewoman? I think maturity is the number one factor. By this I mean handling horses over a lifetime. We can certainly have a talent for horses and get along with them but being a true horseman or woman is not something learned over night. I was first introduced to horses as a teenager and I thought that every older cowboy I met was a horseman.

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