Author: Lynn Palm

Training Outside The Box, Part 5, Lower Body Exercises Continued

In this article, we continue our series on “training outside the box.” In our last article we introduced some simple stretching and flexibility exercises to prepare for riding outside confined areas, such as arenas and paddocks.

To do these exercises you will need a consistent, well schooled horse that is tacked up with saddle, bridle and leg protection.

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Training Outside The Box, Part 3

In the last article, I discussed readying the horse for work outside the box by releasing his inner energy through forced exercise so that he can concentrate on the task at hand. In this article, I will discuss how to prepare you, the rider, for your riding sessions by loosening up your joints and muscles through stretching exercises.

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Training Outside The Box, Part 1

This month we are starting a new series of articles on “training outside the box.” The “box” refers to those confined areas, such as arenas and paddocks, where many riders spend training time. It’s time to get out of the “box” and learn to train outside in order to have more fun. Remember, however, that safety always comes first!

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Communicating With Your Aids, Part 10

The goal for both the bending and turning aids is to control the horse’s body position and his balance. In this article, I will use a circle pattern to demonstrate how to correct the two most common problems that occur when trying to keep a horse straight through a turn—the problems called falling out and falling in.

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