Month: May 2018

Three Superstars Who Will Take Royal Ascot by Storm in 2018   “Ascot Racecourse” by Nigel Cox (CC BY-SA 2.0) The highlight of the flat racing season for many is the Royal Ascot meeting in June, and this year we are sure to see yet another meeting full of high-quality action. As is always the case, we will see the best of the best taking each other on over five days of exhilarating sporting action, and it is certainly a week for racing fans to savor. If you are already looking at the racing that will take place, here are three superstars you need to look out for at Royal Ascot. Cracksman A horse who could go all the way to the top this year is Cracksman. He won on his reappearance in France with ease and will now head to Royal Ascot to take part in the Prince Of Wales’s Stakes. His long-term aim this season is to head to Longchamp for the Arc – although, before that, he will have the chance to win multiple Group One races. He is a horse not just for Royal Ascot but also for the season, so it is always worth checking out the latest horse racing news to see where he will be heading next. He will have the assistance of experienced jockey Frankie Dettori when he takes to the...

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Dealing With a Horse That Pulls Back

Does your horse pull back when tied to a rail or the trailer? Horses that continually pull back are common. This problem is found throughout the horse industry, not just with dressage and jumping horses. With many riders, a horse’s ground manners are the last thing the rider thinks about.

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Is “hippology” the study of hippos?

No, it is actually the study of horses! “Hippo” is Greek for “horse”. Despite the name, the hippopotamus and the horse are not even closely related.

Distant cousins who would show up at an Equidae family reunion (horses, zebras and asses) would be tapirs and rhinoceroses.

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Horse Training Philosophy

The training of horses is an exercise in love, for one does not succeed without loving both the challenge and the animal.

There are nearly as many theories on the training of a horse as there are trainers, but when closely examined, all the tricks, gimmicks, and miracles fade away, and one philosophy emerges, bright and clear and sure.

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