Month: March 2018

The Magic and Mystique of Horsemanship Clinics

For some, attending a horsemanship clinic with a particular clinician, is a bucket-list item that they work toward for years. For others, attending horsemanship clinics with teachers who are leaders in the field is a way to further their careers and boost their horsemanship. And then there are the “clinic junkies,” who spend a good portion of every riding season trying to bag as many clinics as they can.

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Buying a Horse

When it comes to buying a horse, there must be at least a million ways to get stuck with a bad one and about five ways to get a good one.

To get a good horse, you have to use a little common sense. Emotion is the villain.

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Rushing the Jumps

Many times I have seen horses rushing the jumps. Riders try to regulate the speed through a series of half-halts but when this doesn’t work, many end up putting on a tie down or using a stronger bit. All that can be eliminated if you teach your horse to listen to the rein aids and seat aids and to understand what you are asking for with the half-halt cues.

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