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{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Mark Bolender negotiates a water obstacle Mastering Extreme Trail: Trust and Instinct Mark Bolender The single most important factor in achieving a great ride is trust. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Miniature Horse at Syracuse Invitational A tiny American Miniature Horse named Royal Oaks Impressive Rolex showed off his jumping skills in a big way during the opening ceremony of the Syracuse Invitational Sport Horse Tournament. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} The Wellington Classic Dressage Autumn Challenge High Score Lusitano Award is presented to the highest scoring Lusitano at select dressage shows during the Florida dressage circuit. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Thoroughbred Case Rules Against Taxpayer John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law Of late, the IRS has engaged in more aggressive audits in the horse industry that have derailed many people who thought they were doing the right thing, only to be denied tax deductions. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Michelle Binder interview: "Any Horse, Any Rider" Relational Riding Academy tries to bring each horse a level of health and soundness that allows them to return to a normal working life. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} USTRC National Finals Oct. 23-31 Top team roping professionals will be churning up the dirt in their quest to capture the top prize for more than $231,000 as they compete in the U.S. Open at the Cinch USTRC Nationals. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} New age of horsemanship Humane and effective methods are available for horse lovers everywhere. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Trick Training creates a thinking horse. A thinking horse that will be first and foremost an astute companion and pleasure mount and perhaps ultimately a performance horse. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} American Heavyweights Take Team Reining Title Third Time The host nation and defending double-champions from the USA received first gold medals of the 2010 FEI WEG when spinning, slide-stopping and galloping to a convincing victory. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Pat Parelli Saddles Up For 2011 Road to the Horse Legends Natural horsemanship pioneer Pat Parelli will join two-time road to the horse champions Chris Cox and Clinton Anderson at the World Championship of Colt-Starting in Murfreesboro, Tennessee Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Sarah Martin Sarah Martin Dressage Instruction Instructional set of 4 DVDs Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Habil - collectionelevation A gift from the willing mind Jenny Rolfe Submission is a natural and instinctive response for the horse from the moment he is born. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Jennifer Alfano and SBS Farms' Jersey Boy SBS Farms' Jersey Boy and Jennifer Alfano Emerge Victorious SBS Farms' Jersey Boy and Jennifer Alfano Emerge Victorious in $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at Saratoga Classic Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Nancy Amling and Taken Amling Tops Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic With Taken Winners of the Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Ken McNabb on horse Teaching Your Horse Tricks Ken McNabb with Katherine Lindsey Meehan Teaching Your Horse Tricks Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} How and Why of Pedestal Training Suzanne De Laurentis and Allen Pogue How and Why of Pedestal Training Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Craig Cameron Craig Cameron Captures 2010 Road to the Horse Craig Cameron Captures 2010 Road to the Horse Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} It's Not Just Tricks Sue De Laurentis and Allen Pogue Imagine a Horse is dedicated to enlightened Trick Training Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Dressage Under the Stars winner Jodie Kelly Places Number One at Dressage Under the Stars Olympic Dressage Star Anky van Grunsven and Coach Sjef Janssen Place Jodie Kelly Number One at Dressage Under the Stars Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Vet Check for Exquis World Dressage Masters All 16 Horses Pass Vet Check for Exquis World Dressage Masters Palm Beach Read More
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