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{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Carol Cohen presents Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer with the Global Dressage Visionar Carol Cohen Shines Spotlight on Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer Carol Cohen Carol Cohen Shines the Spotlight on Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer and Leadline Champions During Friday Night Freestyle Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Atlantic Coast Stampede Rodeo It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Ticket to America’s #1 Extreme Sport at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Eddie Eddie’s New Saddle – How Saddle Fit Changes Over Time Julie Goodnight I bought Eddie in the spring of his 3-year-old year; he was a handsome and sensible youngster with a great pedigree. A very ‘typey’ stock horse, he stood 14.2 hands and weighed in at about 9 Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Lynn Palm Building a Partnership with Your Horse Lynn Palm Any time you are getting into a different discipline, it is important to know what tack is allowed in competition. The smart rider will research ahead of time to learn all the rules about wh Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Calf on Control of the Shoulders, Ribcage and Hips Charles Wilhelm Control of the shoulders, ribcage and hips is required in order to do a great many things including picking up a correct lead, side passing, doing a leg yield and also keeping the should Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Eleanor Blazer and My Kustom Kruzer THE WAY OF HORSES Eleanor Blazer Within your horse may be invaders that can cause illness. These organisms are dependent on him for sustenance and life. Your horse is their "host". Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don on Sheza A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer If there are million ways to buy a bad horse, there must be at least five ways to buy a good one. To get a good horse, you have to use a little horse sense. Hard to do, being human. Emoti Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don on Sheza A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer What’s the horsepower?” Walter, a horse, of course, asked as he side-passed up to the little black, two-seat Mercedes coup. “I haven’t got a clue,” I said. “But I’ll bet she is fast.” Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Lynn Palm Western Dressage: Understanding Basic Level Tests 3 & 4 Lynn Palm Now that you are moving forward, let’s go into more detail about the gaits you and your horse will ride when competing at the Basic Level. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don on Sheza There’s got to be a better way. Don Blazer There’s got to be a better way. I guess one horseman or another has been saying that since man first tried to ride the horse and quickly discovered there’s got to be a better way. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Grass Crack Hoof Cracks Eleanor Blazer I received an email the other day from a horse owner wanting to know what supplement she could feed her horse to improve the condition of her horse's hoof. Attached was a picture of the hoof Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Make sure your horse is calm and relaxed before offering him his dinner Feed-Time Aggression Fix Julie Goodnight Help! What do I do, my horses are crowding me when I go into their pen to feed them and it’s just scary to have them so close and on top of me Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Charles with the Ball Having Fun With the Ball Charles Wilhelm You may have seen me use the ball or have seen it on my website. It is about 36 inches in diameter and made of colorful and very durable heavy-duty rubber Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Strength Leads To Confidence Julie Goodnight “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” By and large, these are good words to consider when it comes to horses. Confidence is such a prevalent issue in horse sports, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Confidence in the Saddle . . . How’s yours? J. L. Hardesty Confidence in the Saddle . . . How’s yours? Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} The Pros and Cons of Lunging Charles Wilhelm The Pros and Cons of Lunging Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Western Dressage: Keep Progressing Lynn Palm Western Dressage: Keep Progressing Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Leading Your Horse Properly Charles Wilhelm Leading Your Horse Properly Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Western Dressage: Overcoming Nerves Lynn Palm Palm Partnership Training™ Building a Partnership with your Horse “Western Dressage: Overcoming Nerves” Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Practice Tips as You Prepare to Advance to the Next Level Lynn Palm Western Dressage: Practice Tips as You Prepare to Advance to the Next Level Read More
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