Author: Don Blazer

Communicating with Your Horse

Why is it these days that whenever a clinician tells a rider, “the most important way of communicating is….” – he or she always has a communication device to sell?

           Or “the most important means of communication is” some kind of training system the clinician is promoting.

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Don’t Let Your Horse Get Thrush

In the world of horses, thrush is not a songbird. It’s a dirty bird. Thrush is an unhealthy condition of the hoof which is most frequently blamed on a dirty stall. It ought to be blamed on conformation and poor hoof management. While it is true unsanitary conditions can be a cause of thrush, lack of exercise, configuration of the hoof and improper or inadequate trimming of the wall, sole and frog is more likely responsible.

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Leather Care

A little lather is good for leather.
I’m glad it only takes a little lather, because cleaning leather tack is not one of my favorite jobs. It’s always one of those must do jobs.
Tack that is clean and well-conditioned looks better, performs better and last much, much longer

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