Author: Charles Wilhelm

More on Western Dressage

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion in the media about western or cowboy dressage. I have also seen comments on Face book regarding making it a discipline. According to one Western Dressage website, “Western Dressage is not just another class to enter, not just another skill to learn.

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Western Dressage

There have been many articles about western, or as I call it, cowboy dressage, by individuals well known in the western world. I think the interest in western dressage is a good thing but I also think that in a way people are missing an important point.

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The Importance Of Communication With Your Horse And Trainer

In communication with your horse, one of the first things to understand is that the horse thinks differently and speaks a different language than you do. It is common to humanize a horse’s behavior but you should not. For example, if you give your horse a treat every time you come into the barn and he whinnies when you come in, he is not welcoming you. He is asking for, and sometimes even, demanding his treat. Though people see this as cute and the horse being glad to see them, it is not good behavior and can lead to...

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